Monday, November 30, 2015

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

*This post contains no news about quilting or even sewing in general, but when ones father turns 85 years old a blog posting is in order.
The man is Orland Niemeier. The myth is just that - a myth. In his own words 'what myth?', we celebrate years of hard work, adversity, ingenuity, and physical fitness. The legend is just beginning.
On October 21st, 1930, in the dry, dusty, prairieland of North Dakota a young babe was born in the back corner room of a two-story squared farmhouse. And in that same farmhouse, albeit remodeled several times over, that same babe sat in the opposite corner room in his favorite recliner listening to his offspring describe what would become known as The Farm Olympics. Many surprising guests were on hand - a sister from Florida, escorted by her son, four-fifths of dad's children, and several grandchildren and one grand daughter-in-law.
The Challenge was comprised of many of Dad's routine activities, some of which men half his age don't partake in. The list is shown here with legal counsel, Julie, giving her approval. Note that two of the events had to be removed from the roster as they were too risky for ordinary folk (Ditch Burning and Rodent Blasting). And so our version of Are You as Fit as an 85 Year Old was birthed.
1. Grain Bin Vertical Scramble
2. Boulder Grapple
3. Nailed It
4. Mower Circumnavigation
5. Farmer Calisthenics
6. Bicycle Sprint to Mailbox
Sis Julie flew in from Virginia Beach, Virginia.
 Below are action shots that I snatched from Gary's Picasa account. The poor quality in no way reflects on his photography skills.
Dad bringing the mail in!

Dad at the top of the bin

Edie and Mom doing jumping jacks

Laina mows

Stella tagging Troy

Troy getting a hernia
Back: Rodney, Annette, ClaraMae, Troy, Kim, Maren, Lee, Orland, Carol, Gary
Front row: Laina, Stella, Ava, Julie, Edie
Every great challenge demands a T-shirt and Dad's was designed by Francis Raval, a friend from my work. Francis' other works can be viewed on Instagram under his name.
We have four years to prep for Mom's 85th on 7/4/2019, which I already have plans for. Can you guess the theme?

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  1. What a great time that was! Maybe we could revive the ditch-burning idea for Mom's b-day.... although I'm sure she's blasted more than a few rodents in her time as well.