Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello Everyone!
I just realized it's Wednesday. Here's a few projects that are in process.
When you buy a $200 dry steam iron you must sew an Elizabeth Hartman quilted tote. Pretty sure this is the 'quilters motto'. Fabric is Notting Hill.
 My friend, Tori, inspired me to work on these tiny paper-pieced tulips. The fabric is Priory Square from Katy Jones. It'll be a spring wall quilt. Not saying which spring ;).
 And my impromptu baby quilt. Making double HSTs can be rewarding and fun as long as you remember that out of each set comes a righty and a lefty.
 Instead of the tradional 9 patch block, I decided to sew these guys in strips. Currently, I'm 3 strips in and realized that I've ironed the seams all the same direction. Naturally, I will correct this so the cross seams nestle all snug as a bug-like. The charm pack is Fresh Cut. Moda.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sewn Together - Spring Madness

I'll let the captions carry the blog this time. Feeling lazy :).

Tori's proving that it isn't just Basketball that is madness!
The blocks are tiny but the end result is enormously

Tori's mom, Barbara, is on the same quest. She's channeling her inner
Monet with these soft hues.

Sue completed her first ever quilt top!! The task was made easy with
expert instructor Sarah at beck and call.

Sarah continued with her Women of the Bible blocks and also brought
this amazing tea cozy for show and tell. Those flower blocks also
qualify for spring madness in my book!

I worked on three WIPs. My sister and I are sewing Elizabeth Hartmann
Totes which has been known to bring us to use choice words. Thankfully,
my phone autocorrects! LOL. As Tori, pointed out, 'it's nice to have a
Christian phone!' My second project was a quick slice and dice runner.
And the third is an impromptu baby quilt made from Fresh Cut Charm
Pack and a pattern inspired from Pinterest.

Last, but never least, Sarah's mom (Linda) saved us from our quiltling
madness by correcting mis-stitches, humor, and stories galore from
Quilt of Valor trips! Love her!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Laina's new pencil case

After using her other quilted pencil case for over a year, Laina requested a replacement. In fact, she bugged me about it for many months. It was never clear to me what exactly she wanted, but she finally rummaged through my stash and came up with some pieces of a mini charm pack. After I sewed these into a front and back with linen, they were rejected and a new design emerged. And isn't that the case sometimes? You just don't know what you want until you see the wrong thing in progress!
Vintage Vogue and Kona solids.
 The new fabrics are much more colorful and fresh looking. She's always loved blue, and now she loves it with red. Go figure. Also on her mind where the fancy stitches my machine does. We had used these for Kelly's Kindle case, so naturally what big sis has, Laina must have! She did some trials at the machine herself and came up with the Greek key design. I love how it adds just that extra oomph to the design. I top-stitched the quilting.

The lining is a grey mosaic print.