Bucket List

If I had all the time and resources in the world, this is what I'd love to learn about or create!
  1. Paper Piecing - check!
  2. Two color Quilt
  3. Color Gradient Quilt (or Rainbow Quilt)
  4. One block Quilt
  5. Chevron Quilt
  6. Black and White Item
  7. Fall Leaf Quilt
  8. Slice and Dice - check!
  9. Reverse Pattern (background is the focus)
More to come...
 8. Slice and Dice:
          I've been collecting low volume fat quarters and thought they would look great against bright pops of color. What a perfect pairing for the slice and dice technique! I cut three 10" squares of the white pieces, stacked and cut them in half and then one section in half again. Then I mixed up the pieces and inserted colored strips. Then I stacked them again and cut 3" off one side. Mix and sew again. I kept doing this until the blocks filled up. I hadn't intended the red stripe to be aligned but in the end it seemed to offer an element of consistency in a sea of randomness.
It's not as easy as it looks to get a random pattern. No matter how I tried, I kept
seeing the original pattern.

I couldn't resist this stripe from BoHo Chic.

And Done! Quilted with the machine zig zag maxed out.
1. Paper Piecing:
Last night I tried my hand at paper piecing using Faith's awesome tutorial for Solstice Stars. This is the start of the whirling star. At first, it was tricky to figure out and despite her assurances that it will feel 'backwards', I did make some errors. However after you 'get it', it goes very fast.
Whirling Star, Avairy 2 Collection

Completed Whirly Star!
Because this turned out so great, I've decided to upgrade this project from a wall hanging to a throw size. I can't wait to add more blocks to this one, changing up the different color schemes. The tutorial for this star and others is on FreshLemonsQuilts.com , from this wonderful series, Solstice Stars. Thanks, Faith from Chicago!

Fresh Lemons Quilts Solstice Stars Series


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