Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sewn Together Catch-up!

Today, December 12th, we had another fabulous time together sewing, talking, laughing, and indoctrinating new friends. I'm anxious to report on this wonderful day except I can't because somehow I'm now three months behind! So I'm cheating and throwing together a quick summary of both October and November so that I can properly record December's in a timely fashion. Then you know what this means, right? I get to start the new year off with a clean slate - I'll probably even resolve to always stay on track and never ever let six months just slip away! And we all know what happens with resolutions...

So I give you October in picture form (mainly because I can't remember details anymore!)

WHOA!! Check it out! The retreat was in October - not September as I thought. I'm only one month behind. Who's a super hero now? Don't answer that.

I give you November! (Drum roll)
New friend, Jenn McDermid (sadly they moved to ND today!)

New friend, Barb Warner. Making caring hearts for Moms
and babies in PICU.

The other Jen McDermid, making Vera Bradley ID cases! We'll miss Jen,
and Jen's Mom Jenn.

I spent some time training up these young sewers - Lexi Chum, her sister,
and friend Vantasia.
Next up our seasoned sewers showing off all kinds of handiwork.
Marcia is into wool felt applique and it's amazing!

Pam showed off her binding skills by finishing all three of these beauties.

Sarah's Mom, Linda, was not present in person but sent in
this stunner. Just whipped that up one afternoon. No
biggie. OMG!
Sarah reminisced about this family heirloom made from
recycled clothing, mostly polyester.

And here she is displaying the Joanna block from one of her
many Block of the Month clubs. This one is Women of the
Bible. When it's done, both her and Pam will have KING
SIZED QUILTS. That's right Pam, KSZ. Clear a wall!
And while we were doing what normal sewers do, my sister Julie was creating
this masterpiece! Her Magnum Opus. Over 200 pieces? Could that be right?
Whatever, it's insane.
We missed our fearless leader, Tori, but she and her hubby stopped by on their way out of town. Aren't they cute!?

And here's just a few goodies from that month for the non-sewers.
Sue wasn't with us that month for sewing, but I got her to help with the Trunk
or Treat event. On the left is Kim Sullivan, Chuck Wagon extraordinaire.

And then this happened. With wine. From a box. Diane and her daughter, Sadie.
Until next time!