Monday, October 19, 2015

Has it really been 6 months?

All kinds of clichés are swimming around in my mind. 'Where'd the summer go?' 'I just blinked and it was fall!' and my new excuse 'I only blog in the winter'. So by that standard, I'm actually signing on a little early. See how I can rationalize anything?

Now let's get caught up. I've completed a few things, although not as many as one would expect. But in my defense, we've been doing just what you should do in the summer months. I turned my garage into a paint studio and chalked painted my bedroom furniture. I still have a few things on deck, but I've moved the studio back inside. Also, we traveled some, biked and hiked, entertained numerous relatives, and had a very interesting time transforming one 80s style bedroom into a Pinterest-worthy sleep haven! Oh, let's not forget that the adjoining bathroom got a make-over as well.

Now for some pics. The first thing I've very excited about is something that I started almost a year ago and ironically was featured in my last post in March (I should get a special award for the use of ironically as a pun - gotta be the first time ever!). It's my iron caddy - finally finished!
Original pattern, Notting Hill Fabric Collection by Joel Dewberry

Heat-resistant liner! No waiting for that iron to cool off!
And a zip pocket for the accessories.
Hmm, what else can I show...
Back in July, I sewed this casserole carrier for my nephew's bride to be. Ages ago - like 30 years - my sister-in-laws mother sewed me one of these for my bridal shower and I still use it today. It fits the most awkward shapes and will keep things hot or cold. So, in honor of a great lady, Leanna, I made one for the gal who is going to be the great-daughter-in-law to the same lady!
You start with two large quilted circles, then cut the middle circle out and a slit to the side. You'll want to use double-folded binding for the edges. Then sew it together and topstitch the outer edge to catch the seam inside. Easy!
 Oh, don't forget to make straps! The last step is to thread a string through the inner casing.

And maybe one more before the next post -
The silly chicken is a pot holder!
 It has heat-resistant batting inside for safety, of-course.
Get up lazy chicken and grab that pot!
Doesn't this chickie look great on that pot handle? This was gifted to my Mom for her July 4th birthday. Not telling what date the chick actually arrived.
"Cluck cluck".
Don't be fooled by the innocent look on this chick's face. These fowl are not for the meek at heart. Several times I put chick back in her cage for a much needed break. If only these adorable chicks hatched from an egg like the real deal!

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