Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Spring Break trip to the Dells

I can hardly remember this trip, but in the early Spring the girls and I spent a few days in the Dells. Not wanting to swim or do the usual things the Dells offers, we ventured off to Madison for a quick college tour for Laina. On the way home, I saw a sign for QUILTS! and found this charmer tucked into a lazy town. I can't remember the town or the name of the shop, but I do know I bought a pattern (yes, an actual pattern!) for a set of Christmas Mini Quilts - and I mean mini. These things are ornamental. We'll see if my man hands can get something so tiny under the presser foot. 
 Then before we hit town, the girls noticed an Antique Mall. They'd never been tempted by this before but we ended up having the time of our lives there. Many items were things 6+6 (that's code for G+G, Grandparents) had at the farm or things I remember from my childhood. Things like a rotary phone or egg beaters. LOL. Hidden away I uncovered these gems. Ten hand-sewn Grandmother's gardens in original feed sack cloth! I have a quilt design in mind already and am thinking February might be the month for that. I had to purchase some 30's repro's and some aqua yardage, but now I'm set.
 Late Spring, I got the urge to try slice and dice on this kitchen runner. You can't see it but the white backgrounds are all different prints.

Not sure why I wasted my favorite Boho Chic on the back!
I ended up quilting it with a 3-stitch zig-zag and binding it with the dark charcoal. We've had it in the kitchen all summer with those three vases. I like how the unquilted colors pop out of it.
The yellow butter crock goes nicely, too!

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