Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dancin' to the Beat of the 80's No Longer!

For nearly 25 years I've slumbered peacefully in what can only be described as an 80's Nightmare! I say peacefully, because I think I was hypnotized by the Waverly Floral that ran the upper perimeter of my chamber as seen below. I made this picture as big as possible so you yourself can see how lovely this print is! It's downright captivating. Can you even find the repeat? Of-course not! And that border - stopping those falling vines just above the line of decency. Perfection. Ahhhh, the 80's.
So now you have a little idea of what I was dealing with here. Thankfully, Pinterest came along and saved me from being a FWG (forever waverly girl, not female with guilt..LOL). This room is getting the whole treatment - new furniture, paint, headboard, bedding, carpet, drapes, and even closet knobs - all for the low low price of $200. Ha! At least that's what I thought. I've done it before - painting myself, sewing the necessary linens, etc etc. Yet, this redo added up in spite all those efforts. Oh well, it had been 25 years after all!
Here's a few pics of the new key components. I'm saving the finished look for a big reveal.
Indie by Pat Bravo with Quilters Linens
The Quilt.

I left the natural wood on top. New pulls.
Chalk Paint Powder from Next Act

Orange. My favorite color.

Some quilt blocks taking shape.

Floating headboard. Pinterest y'all!

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