Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We Care Bags

Here's a good idea if you have tons of fabric (we all do!) and a caring heart.
My sister-in-law lives in ND and had previously donated bags to a service that places foster kids. They already have two churches that contribute a duffle bag and a fleece, but nothing fun or personal. The We Care bags are unique designs, filled with a random assortment of things elementary kids enjoy. Things like journals, markers, hair supplies, toys, stuffed animals, balls, candy, etc. So here's what we did. Maybe you will be inspired also to lift a child's heart with your generosity.

We made 11 zippered bags for girls in these easy patchwork
I had solicited funds from my father who agreed to shop with our teenagers and pick out appropriate items. We hit up Walmart: bought 4 solid colored bags for the boys, and multiples of various items to be split into the bags. For $100 we filled 15 bags pretty well.

The backs!
The sad truth is that with this number we barely scratched the surface of this need. Our contact person reports that 5-6 children enter into foster care EACH WEEK in Grand Forks. Lord, we pray for all neglected and abused children of our world to know peace and love in their families - whether foster, nuclear, blended, big, small, near or far. Amen.

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