Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Which Came First?

Last weekend was our third gathering of the COH sewers and Julie opened the night with the question, "Which came first, the quilt or the chicken?" Puzzled, we waited while she opened an egg carton containing the most intricately designed eggs on the face of the planet.
Ukrainian Easter Eggs by Julie
I've seen these before but I never knew what they were called or that it was possible to make them. But we learned that indeed this is one of those rare family traditions that get passed down and live through ambitious types like Julie. She explained the process, which involves a kistka - a tool for applying a fine line of wax - and a whole lot of patience. Layer after layer of wax and dye is put on and then the eggs are warmed to allow the wax to melt off. Eggs can dry over the course of years and a hard yoke will be heard rolling around inside. Those of us going through menopause can relate to this... LOL. I can write that because the three people that read my blog will laugh hysterically. Right, Tori, Pam, and Sarah?
The quilt part comes into play within their designs. Very quilt-like. So which do you think came first? We all know it's quilts, so let's get back on topic.

Pam arrived with wonderful show and tell items. This red quilt is a Block of the Month stunner.

The binding is ingeniously sewn from two prints so the prints/color matches each side. You learn something new every month! Thanks for bringing it, Pam! She also showed off these colorful blocks, claiming they weren't as hard as they look. Yeah right, Pam!

Regretfully, I failed at my photo-journalism job and missed getting photos of Marcia's quilts. But, trust me, they were fabulous! Nobody meanders like Rod!
Tori was there editing graduation photos for Ashley's big day. A little worn out, she left her sewing for another time. We all have days like that. Hope the cheery Tori is back to normal by now!
Also in attendance was Sue, a newbie with a baby quilt kit that had been floating around her house for years. Sarah helped her decipher the instructions and she made good progress.
Here's a shot of Sarah and her latest endeavor. I can't remember the official name but it's a basket weave block for sure.
Sarah wins the award for Miss Photogenic!

And I toiled away on the Peace and Comfort charity quilt. All the red and blue strips are done. I just need a bit more fabric for the background and a border. Stay tuned.
Original design made with Red, White, and Free
from Sandy Gervais. Purchased from Bloomerie.com
Do you see the friendship stars?

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