Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Quilt

It's T-2 days to Valentine's Day. Are you ready?

When I first started buying quilt fabric I snagged this pre-cut from Faye's, the only shop for 50 miles of my folk's farm in Mayville, ND. It was a 'slice', not a charm pack. I was very unfamiliar with what this could be used for but it was on sale, so in the name of thriftiness I purchased it. The collection is L'amore from Sandy Gervais. Obviously, it's only use is for Valentine's Day. After scanning Pinterest for the easiest HST design, I found a design with the white heart and added my own fly away pieces. I think it turned out pretty cute. The quilting in the heart is meandering and the rest is straight diagonal lines. The backing is red minky, but not ordinary red minky. In this version the dots are shaped like hearts! How perfect is that? I'm hoping this goes to someone needing a special gift for their sweetie or an adorable little girl. It won't be on Etsy until next year, so email me directly if interested.

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