Saturday, January 31, 2015

Closet Quilter Crashes Club

It was the usual club meeting - many talented ladies sitting in a circle of tables chatting between the hum of well-oiled machines (all but one anyway...). Then early on the second day a familiar face popped in shattering our precise stitches.
This man was dressed to the nines and wasted no time getting right down to business. It was obvious he was no stranger to the machine. Just look at that hand positioning!

On a more serious note, these true members got a lot of sewing done.

Pam, Sarah, Tori, and Marcia! Also in attendance were Sue, Millie, and me, of course!

Here's some of the projects we worked on. Can you match the project to the quilter?
 Here's a hint. Two of them are mine and the top left is totally out of my league!


  1. Love the heart design!! How big are the HST's? And the QOV design looks fabulous!! Did you find that somewhere or come up with it on your own?

  2. Hey! I had a comment and didn't even know it!
    The HST's are made from a 'slice' precut - about 6" squares when together. The QOV is my own design that I copied from a tile floor I saw. LOL.