Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quilting Inspiration

I recently took a trip to Denver for work and play. Winters in Minnesota are perfect in my mind, but everyone needs a break from the routine. While away from my quilting haven my mind kept wondering back to the design board. Everywhere I looked there were quilts waiting to be designed. I've been known to photograph floors, wallpaper, and even dishes; but out in Colorado I found new options.

Waiting in line at the chair lift:

OMGosh! Can you see the southwestern quilt in her jacket?
And just to make you a little jealous - here's the view from our hot tub:
But do you see what's in the hot tub? This would make a funky border!
There were many other offerings, but I refrained from taking too many...
I'll just leave you with this last bit of wallpaper from the hotel workout room:
I'd call it Squatting Hexies, in honor of the gym, of course!
Many thanks to my friend Sarah for agreeing to take these photos when I didn't have my phone available! She was quite a good sport to put up with me.

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