Monday, February 29, 2016

Nutribullet Blasts!

In my epic quest for healthy living and marathon training, I requested a NutriBullet 900 for Christmas. I hadn't even tried green smoothies yet, but had watched the Documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and was convinced I needed more greens. Obviously, I'm not fat, sick, or nearly dead. In fact, I'm quite healthy, but you can always be more healthy, especially when you've aged beyond the proverbial 'hill'.
My nephew, Jacob, was visiting over New Years, so he introduced me to the produce section at the local grocery store. What interesting things lurk there! Collard greens, kale, brussels sprouts. The next morning, I threw more roughage into the blender than anyone had ever seen. The blending is actually called 'an extraction', which is both beneficial and frightening. You could put tree limbs in this machine and 45 seconds later, drink them.

 If you add protein powder and what they dub 'super foods' (almonds, chia seeds), it's called a Nutri-blast. I treated the whole family to this first Blast and Laina promptly got sick. She blames the Blast, but it was just bad timing, I believe.
After a few weeks of blasting, I realized the missing element is a cup cover. The purpose being to make it easier to carry the cup to work and also to cover the color of said Blast. FYI, if you add blueberries to greens, be assured your Blast will be as brown as poo.
Fabric by Jeni Baker, Color Me Retro. That's Sew Now!
Original Design. FYI, that orange cord is from a shopping
bag, validating my compulsion to recycle every bit of useful
material (especially cords in fantastic colors like orange.
Thanks, Eddie Bauer)

Other goofy things from that weekend: Made up game using iPhones. Take a picture of a funny face, your partner gets to view it for 5 seconds, and gets 30 seconds to imitate the original face. Then use PicStitch to view side by side. Hilarious!

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