Thursday, January 29, 2015

Selfish Sewing

I took advantage of some down time during the holidays to just sew for myself. Sometimes, you just have to. I had purchased a new purse that needed organization so that is where I started. First up, a small pouch for personal items. You know, that stuff you don't need everyone seeing when they look into your purse. I sewed this piece for an iPad case and then decided to cut it in half for a smaller pouch. This piece also shows off the great colored thread my sister gave me for my birthday. Smiles.

It's just the right size for all those little items that float in the bottom of the purse.

These next items are from a new book I bought at JoAnn's, First Steps to Free-motion quiting/24 projects for fearless stitching. The projects in it are designed to practice FMQ.  
The shallow bowl. Love.
This is made from a big piece quilted in spirals. Looked easy, but was NOT!
My circles are quite squiggly.

The Loopy Bucket.
Sometimes you make things that turn out the way you imagined and sometimes they don't.
The quilting on this one was vertical loops of varying heights. Seemed easy enough.
I went at it without noting her height dimension. When it was done,
only one row of quilting showed on mine verses about three rows on hers.
We use it in the TV room to hold remotes. It works just fine.

The Sewing Chair Pad.
I love this and yet I still haven't finished it. Her pattern ran the strips on the diagonal, which is very cool but I was
afraid I would get dizzy every time I went to sit down. Each strip has a different quilting pattern.
It brightens my sewing area and cushions the posterior.



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