Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sewn Together - Spring Madness

I'll let the captions carry the blog this time. Feeling lazy :).

Tori's proving that it isn't just Basketball that is madness!
The blocks are tiny but the end result is enormously

Tori's mom, Barbara, is on the same quest. She's channeling her inner
Monet with these soft hues.

Sue completed her first ever quilt top!! The task was made easy with
expert instructor Sarah at beck and call.

Sarah continued with her Women of the Bible blocks and also brought
this amazing tea cozy for show and tell. Those flower blocks also
qualify for spring madness in my book!

I worked on three WIPs. My sister and I are sewing Elizabeth Hartmann
Totes which has been known to bring us to use choice words. Thankfully,
my phone autocorrects! LOL. As Tori, pointed out, 'it's nice to have a
Christian phone!' My second project was a quick slice and dice runner.
And the third is an impromptu baby quilt made from Fresh Cut Charm
Pack and a pattern inspired from Pinterest.

Last, but never least, Sarah's mom (Linda) saved us from our quiltling
madness by correcting mis-stitches, humor, and stories galore from
Quilt of Valor trips! Love her!

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