Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Baby Quilt

Happy Thanksgiving Recovery! By now we're getting back to the routine, but still eating leftovers. At least we are. Today we discovered that lefse can't survive on the counter for 6 days. Booo! Luckily, we still had a package in the fridge.

Did anyone cyber shop for fabric on Monday? I did! And it came today, fastest shipping ever, Winter Creek Cloth! I purchased two bundles, one a fat-eighth of Bridgette Lane and the other is Textures by Angela Walters. Both are not the usual quilting cotton. They're thin and slippery. I have yet to figure out how to know what type of fabric I'm getting, but I love it still.

I've had in the back of my brain the stirring of a baby quilt for a special lady I know from church. She and I share a love of fun, colorful fabric, so I wanted to make sure whatever I made was up to snuff! Then I realized if I mixed the Bridgette Lane with some solids I had what would make the perfect set-up.
For the design I was looking for something fast, given that I'm supposed to be sewing a quilt for a guy at work. What came to mind was Amy Smart's Fabulously Fast Quilts and I just happened to have a copy! Score. I choose the Butterfly Quilt.

She wasn't kidding about it being fast. I sewed strips into banners, sewed them to white strips the same size, cut them into squares and then diagonally and wallah! You have cute blocks that can be arranged anyway you want. I did this bunch in 2 hours flat.

I have Sewn Together quilt club on Friday/Saturday so hopefully I'll finish this little guy. May I say that I'm quite pleased with myself and with Amy?!

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  1. That's so cute! It looks like spring - great colors.