Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Paper Piecing

Over on my Bucket List page I've been checking Paper Piecing off the list. I had been wanting to try this for months and even took printed sheets with me on my last trip home thinking my mother and I would try it out. Well, that time was spent on other things and it got pushed off. Well, this week I felt inspired to try it out with my fat quarters of Aviary 2. That collection has stretched over many projects!

Whirly Star
I love how that turned out, so tonight I whipped up another star from Faith's Solstice Stars series, This one isn't paper pieced, but it still had techniques that were new to me. You can see my iPad with the series notes from Faith's website. The directions were clear and the dimensions worked perfectly.

Another Star (seriously, that's the name)

Here's the two stars on my Design Wall...well, one section of the DW.


  1. These both turned out really pretty. I love that Aviary fabric. It's one of my favorite fabric lines.

  2. I love the whirly block! And the fabric is just yummy... I want some too now.